Hearing Aid Costs and Payment Options

Once you’ve decided you need a hearing aid the next question most people ask themselves is, “What is it going to cost and how am I going to pay for it?”. Then the next step is to look at payment options (see below).

About Hearing Aid Prices

First, before anyone can tell you the right way to improve your hearing, you’re going to need a hearing test to determine the type and degree of hearing loss you have. 

Second, the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and the degree of hearing loss you suffer from will play a role in which hearing solution we recommend.

Third, picking the right hearing enhancement device or hearing aid depends on how you plan to use it. 

If you just want to hear your TV better, you may be surprised at how little it could cost. 

If you want a hearing aid that filters out background noise so you can be part of the conversation at a busy restaurant or family gathering, you’re going to need a more sophisticated device. Of course the more different situations you use your hearing aid in, the more value it will provide. Sure, you may pay a bit more to get all the functions you want, but you’ll enjoy life a lot more too.

Prices for hearing enhancement devices start as low as $750 and go up from there to $6000. What’s affordable depends on both the price and the value it provides. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. But before you worry about the price, the first thing to do is get your hearing tested. Then the next step is to look at payment options (see below).

What’s the best way to pay for your hearing aids?

Using Insurance To Pay For Hearing Aids

If you have health insurance the first thing to do is to check to see if you are covered. We accept Healthy Plan, Blue Cross, Medi-CAL and many other forms of insurance. The best way to be certain is to call us so we can verify whether your insurance will cover your purchase.


Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center has been accepting Medi-CAL insurance for several decades. Over the last decade, Medi-CAL has splintered into several different managed care programs in the North Valley. We understand the ins and outs of each plan and In certain cases, we are the only providers accepting the Medi-CAL plan insurance in the North Valley. 

We work with all of the following Medi-CAL Managed Care programs:

  • California Health and Wellness
  • Partnership Health Plan
  • Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan (Nivano, River City, Blue Cross)
  • Medi-CAL (Standard)

FYI, some people are concerned that using your insurance will limit your choices. Is this true? The answer depends on your insurance carrier but if you have Medi-CAL coverage, we can help you get top of the line hearing aids so no need to be concerned. We’ll make sure you don’t have to settle for a lower quality hearing aid. We also order Medi-CAL hearing aids at the same time we approve you, so you don’t have to wait to start hearing.

Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards, which provide you with a quick and easy way to pay for your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Financing

We Accept CareCredit® – At Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center, we also accept CareCredit, a credit card for health-related expenses, including hearing services, hearing tests and hearing aids. CareCredit allows you to pay for expenses not covered by health insurance using special financing. Find out more at carecredit.com

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