Better hearing and a better quality of life can be yours for many years with the help of the right hearing professional. At Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center, we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients. Relationships based on unsurpassed personal service that begins the first time you walk through our doors and continues long after your initial appointment.

Experience You Can Trust

Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center was founded in 1973 by Jack and Jeanne Bartlett. However, Hearing Aids were introduced to the family years prior by Jeanne’s sister Donna Jensen, who served as a confidant and surrogate matriarch until her passing in 2019. In the early 1990s Jack and Jeanne’s eldest son, Terry took over ownership and in 2002 he hired his son Joe Bartlett to join the family business. He trained Joe to hold customer service above everything else. Joe used his education in engineering and computer technology to utilize the benefits of the emerging advances in hearing aids.

In January 2010 Joe purchased the business from his father. The team at Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center understands the important role hearing plays in a person’s quality of life. We are committed to delivering the personalized service, expert care, and custom-fit hearing solutions that only a family run practice can provide.

Certified by the American Conference of Audioprosthology
Certified by the National Board of Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

A Different Kind of Hearing Aid Practice

During the last 49 years Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center has seen many changes in the hearing aid industry. Hearing aids have become smaller and more effective in providing solutions to the multitude of hearing problems people encounter. Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center continues to stay current with all new digital technology, as well as improved testing and fitting techniques. Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center is your best choice for the most cosmetic option that will improve your hearing. Our staff is trained on all up-to-date processes and procedures in hearing aid fittings. We offer the latest technology available in the industry; while maintaining the most user friendly and stylish instruments at an unbelievable savings to you. Stop in or call the office nearest you to schedule your free evaluation and meet our friendly and courteous staff. We will assist you and answer all of your questions.

Joe Bartlett, ACA, BC-HIS, Audioprosthologist, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Joe Bartlett, ACA, BC-HIS
Audioprosthologist, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Joe Bartlett started working in the family business in 2002. He started out answering the phone, filing and before long he was cleaning hearing aids.

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By the fall of 2002, Joe had a training license and began training with his dad Terry to become a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. Joe earned his Dispensing License in 2003. Over the next several years Joe worked alongside his father learning the ins-and-outs of the hearing aid business. In 2007, Joe passed the requirements to receive his BC-HIS title from the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. He shares his father's passion for customer service. Joe took over ownership from his father in 2010. Certified by the American Conference of Audioprosthology. Certified by the National Board of Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Larry Pierce Jr., Hearing Aid Expert, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Larry Pierce Jr.
Hearing Aid Expert, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Larry Pierce Jr. joined the Bartlett's Hearing Aid Center team in October of 2010 and received his Dispensers License in June 2012.

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Larry has spent his entire life in the North Valley. He considers it a privilege to provide hearing solutions to members of the Oroville community. He enjoys his profession and being able to help people hear. When he is not at work, he stays busy raising his 4 children.

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