Sarah Pierce, ACA, BC-HIS, Audioprosthologist, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

Bartletts_Headshots-109_Sarah Pierce

Sarah Pierce has helped at Bartlett's Hearing Aid Center for most of her life. She remembers learning how to count pennies with her grandma, Jeanne Bartlett, at the age of 7. In high school she spent her summers doing paperwork and filing for her father, Terry Bartlett. After receiving her Bachelor's at Chico State for Liberal Studies-Special Education, Sarah decided to use her education in the family business. Sarah received her Dispensing License in April 2010 and focuses the majority of her profession efforts in the BHAC Chico Office, managing and upholding exceptional patient care and service. When Sarah is not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, volunteering at her church and performing in local community theater.

Certified by the American Conference of Audioprosthology

Certified by the National Board of Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences