Halley Smith, Hearing Aid Expert, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser, Operations Coordinator

Bartletts_Headshots-113_Halley Mae Smith

Halley joined Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center as the Patient Care Coordinator in the Paradise Office in 2013. She fell in love with the industry and began training for her license. Halley earned her Dispensing License in 2017 and became the main dispenser in the Paradise Office. She worked alongside CEO Joe Bartlett, developing operating systems and strengthening the consistency within the company. After the 2018 Camp Fire, Halley turned her focus to the Red Bluff location where she serves local patients 5 days a week and heads up the insurance billing team. She was named Bartlett’s Hearing Aid Center’s Operations Coordinator in 2019. Halley goes above and beyond to make sure each one of her patients receives excellent care. When she isn’t at work she enjoys all things creative, from baking to knitting to painting, listening to all types of music, and playing with her bunnies, Chewbecca Rae and Kylo Bun.